"A good writer provides the reader with an in-depth understanding of the subject matter without the reader feeling they have made a great deal of effort. Brad has delivered this type of writing to our employee magazine."

Adrienne Selko
Managing Editor
National City Corporation

"Brad's writing is creative, clear and fluid. No matter what the project --
whether it's corporate, industrial or non-profit-- Brad is able to
successfully capture and communicate the right message for our clients."

Carol Johnson
Mendelow & Johnson Graphic Design

"From his first assignment, all of Brad's work has been both concise and logical, clearly demonstrating a solid understanding of technology and industry. Working oftentimes with materials gathered from several sources, Brad has gleaned the most important information quickly to generate initial drafts that, with very minor adjustments, become final copy. On many occasions, several projects (each one focused on a different subject) have been done simultaneously. In every instance, Brad has produced material of excellent quality."

Kathryn Olszonowicz
Communications Program Manager
Nordson Corporation

"I've worked with Brad for many years and consider him an invaluable part of my team. Whether it's copywriting or stepping in to help manage projects, I can count on him to ensure we meet our strategic objectives and we do it on time."

Beth Ann Konves
Marketing Communications Brand & Strategy
Teradata, a division of NCR

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